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Our Family Beauty Race14  Win

When Ellis was about 10 years old, he visited Oakland Air Show and looked up to Paul Mantz doing Acro. - obviously admiring him. Years later both he and Miss. B. were doing business with Mantz and Tallman.

Here, Ellis, in 1968, beats Paul Mantz's Record for X-C.

Square miles of Aircraft
- tons of parts -

and the
Treasure Hunt
War Surplus Aircraft

1947 Joey Collins, Collins Engineering, kicked Miss. B. out of his office with the comment, "You're good enough now to do it on your own."

So she did. Out of Pittsburgh Great Depression poverty to Los Angeles and cruising the USA on Treasure Hunt with her 4 year old son
(Both, growing).

Queen 1. VBBEDW Hist-VB-prime

The head lady !

Valerie Mern Bonzer

  1. VBBEDW Hist-VB-prime.jpg  



2. VBBEDW Hist-EDW-T6-335-1200

E. D. Weiner

1st AC - N335

  2. VBBEDW Hist-EDW-T6-335-1200.jpg  
  2. VBBEDW Hist-WSH_EDW014-1938 1st LogBook-38_-EDW-log1 1st Log Book, EDW
  2. VBBEDW Hist-WSH_EDW014-1938 1st LogBook-38_-EDW-log1.jpg  
  20190325_083108 from 1947 to Now, War Surplus

Still useable, still valuable. . .

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